Adobe After Effects APK V1.1 Download (Pro Unlocked) 2022

Are you looking for a fantastic video editing tool to create some extraordinary animations? If you are bored with those ordinary and out fashioned video editors, then you are at the right spot. We are bringing you Adobe After Effects MOD APK (pro unlocked 2022) which is editing videos almost to perfection.

 Adobe After Effects APK is a professional tool used by graphic designers and artists to create visuals and graphics. Believe me, these visuals and animations are something out of the box. At least I haven’t seen these on any other application yet.

Adobe After Effects Premium APK Available on Android, PC, and iOS:

There is a problem with video editing applications in that they are not available on all types of devices. If one app is available for android then it’s unavailable on PC and iOS and vice versa. But here we have brought you Adobe After Effects APK (premium unlocked) which is available on all three devices.

So, there is no need to install different software on different devices. Just install this single app and keep your mind out of complications. This is going to make your life easier.

About Adobe After Effects APK:

I have been using different video editing applications throughout my life. But the problem comes is that the visuals and effects available on one app aren’t present on another. That’s why I needed to install more than one application to edit my videos. Then I come across Adobe After Effects Crack APK. You won’t believe that it was a brilliant experience. Now, whenever I want to add visuals and animations to my youtube videos I don’t mess my mind using other complicated apps. What I do is open Adobe and create designs.

Adobe After Effects Download MOD

Here I explain why you should uninstall all other apps and only install Adobe After Effects Pro APK. We are going to go through all its amazing features of it one by one.

App NameAdobe After Effects Premium APK
GenreVideo Editor
Size55 MB

Video Editing Tips:

There are a few video editing tips that you can follow to improve the quality of your videos. These tips include:

1) Choose the right video editing software for your needs like Adobe After Effects MOD APK.

2) Use data-driven animation to create stunning visuals.

3) Use Animated Motion Graphics to create beautiful visual effects.

4) Use VR Comp Editor to correct errors and improve the quality of VR videos.

5) Use text animation to add titles and subtitles to your videos.

6) Use motion tracking to track the movement of objects and actors.

Purpose of Adobe After Effects Crack APK:

The app is designed for people who want to create beautiful visuals and animations. It is available for free and has a premium version that costs money. The app is not just for video editing, but it is also a powerful photo editor. You can use it to create graphics, photos, and videos.

Privacy Policy:

We want you to be happy with the After Effects app. That’s why we have created a privacy policy that outlines our expectations and protections for the data you share with us. We understand that you may be concerned about the privacy of your personal information. We have put in place those measures to protect your data.

Animate Your Characters:

Adobe After Effects MOD APK has an amazing animate characters feature.  It will enable you to animate the characters in your videos in a variety of ways. You can use this feature to change the facial expressions, body movements, and other similar things.  Some other character animation features include head movement, body movement, and arm movement.

Therefore, you can create stunning and extraordinary animations for your videos. One thing that you need to be careful about is that the animation speed should be slower than the video speed. Otherwise, the video will become choppy and disorganized.

Video and Static Editing:

You can use video and static editing to improve the clarity and organization of your videos. This is a great way to improve the quality of your videos. Additionally, you can use video and static editing to fix the mistakes and improve the organization of your videos.

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Video Editing with Adobe After Effects


Sometimes in the carrier of video editors, they need to edit those files edited years ago. Adobe After Effects Cracked APK comes with this feature where you can get old files for edit. This feature is known as retouching. You can save the source file of the media you edited for later use. It is also stored in the draft of the software where you can get it anytime you want.

So always remember that you should only use the Adobe After Effects Pro APK to edit videos. If you use any other app then you might not get the results that you are looking for.

Add Any Type of Media:

Adobe After Effects Premium APK allows you to add any type of media to your videos. This includes photos, videos, music, and more. For each type of media, there is a separate row. You can add up to 8 media at a time.

Audio Tracks:

Audio tracks allow you to add soundtracks to your videos. By adding audio tracks, you can create a soundscape for your videos. Additionally, you can use audio tracks to add sound effects to your videos.

Dynamic Lighting:

Dynamic Lighting is a powerful and amazing feature of Adobe After Effects. By using this feature, you can create realistic and life-like videos. Additionally, you can use dynamic lighting to add shadows and light to your videos.

Split Screen:

Split Screen is a great feature of Adobe After Effects Hacked APK that lets you have multiple videos and photos on the same screen. This is a great way to show different videos or photos at the same time. Additionally, you can use Split Screen to create a scrolling video.

List of Key Features of Adobe After Effects APK Pro:

Create Data-Driven Animation:

Adobe After Effects is all about data-driven animation. This means that you don’t have to worry about drawing the animation on the spot. You can design it as you want and then use the data supplied by the app to control the animation. This is an amazing feature because it makes the editing process much more automated.

Animated Motion Graphics:

Another interesting feature is that you can use Animated Motion Graphics to create beautiful visual effects. This is a great way to add excitement to your videos. Moreover, Animated Motion Graphics can be used to create the transitions between the different scenes in your videos.

Brilliant Virtual Reality Effects:

The most amazing feature of Adobe After Effects is that you can use Virtual Reality Effects to create immersive videos. By using these VR effects, you can add a sense of immersion and realism to your videos. Additionally, Virtual Reality Effects can be used to add motion blur and other effects.

Video Titling and Graphics:

You can use Video Titling and Graphics to add a name or logo to your videos. Additionally, you can use these graphics to add titles and subtitles to your videos. This will make your videos look more professional and professional looking.

Adobe After Effects APK MOD

These titles are stylish and extraordinary. The texture of the titles is well designed and shows the effort of the developer. You can use these text titles in the thumbnails of the videos.

VR Comp Editor:

Adobe After Effects APK comes with a VR Comp Editor. This editor is very helpful in editing the VR files. It makes it possible to correct the errors and improve the quality of the VR videos. You can also use the VR Comp Editor to create the transitions between the different scenes in your videos. Additionally, you can use the VR Comp Editor to change the colors and effects of the VR videos.

You can edit these VR videos in 360 degrees and also add 3D glasses to your videos. I guarantee that you will love this feature.

Extract Cube Map:

Extract Cube Map to your videos to make it easier to find the objects in your videos. A cube map is usually used to see the location of objects in a video. These cube maps are also helpful in creating navigation diagrams for your videos.  Navigation diagrams are essential for videos that are intended to be watched on a mobile device.

Go and extract cube maps in your videos with Adobe After Effects APK.

Chroma Key Cutting:

Chroma key involves filming actors and objects in front of a flat screen of a single color. This technique is used to change the background of a video. You can cut the original background and add some other supernatural background. This method is mostly used to edit science fiction and other fictional videos.

Currently, chroma key cutting is the most demanding thing in the market. You can take orders on different freelancing sites and edit them with Adobe After Effects MOD APK.

Text Animation:

Text animation is mostly used in educational videos. If you make educational videos for a youtube channel and make them eye-catching. Then you can use Adobe After Effects Crack APK. I am telling you that your viewership is going to be at its peak.  

Text animations include flyovers, dropdowns, and other similar animations. These animations can be used to improve the clarity and readability of your text content. Additionally, text animations can be used to add emotional power to your videos.  Adobe comes with a huge library of text animations.

Motion Tracking:

Motion tracking technology is usually used in animation. It helps to track the movement of the actors in the video. By tracking the motion of objects and actors, you can create more realistic videos. Additionally, motion tracking can be used to create animations for videos.

 Motion tracking assists in tracking the movement of objects and transferring the sensed data to an application for further processing. This processing includes motion blur, noise, and other effects. Adobe After Effects APK MOD comes up with a powerful motion tracking tool. This will help you in your professional life.

Create Virtual Environment:

You can use Virtual Environment to create different scenes in your videos. By using this feature, you can create a splendid virtual reality environment. Moreover, you can use Virtual Environment to add sound and music to your videos. As long as you have the Adobe After Effects Pro license, you can use this feature.  But don’t worry with our mod version you don’t need to buy any license.

VR Converter Tools:

The VR video converter provides a simple user interface and is able to convert VR videos to other video formats. These formats include 3D videos, 360 degrees videos, Mkv, mp4, 3gp, and more.

If you are looking for a tool where you can watch VR videos on your laptop or mobile screen. Then you can use Adobe After Effects MOD APK.

Amazing Filter and Effects:

Adobe After Effects Pro is packed with amazing filters and effects. These effects can be used to change the look and feel of your videos. Moreover, you can use these effects to improve the clarity and quality of your videos. The interesting thing is that these filters and effects are available in both the free and premium editions of Adobe After Effects APK.  You can use our After Effects APK to access the premium version.

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Amazing filter Adobe After Effects

Powerful Processing:

Availability of powerful tools and efficient processing is what is key for a professional video editor. That’s what you get with Adobe After Effects Pro. This powerful editing tool comes with a raft of features that make it an ideal choice for videos.  An image or video can be edited in a range of ways including timeline editing, effects, and transformation.  All this will take only seconds.

Because of its powerful processing and editing capabilities, Adobe is a must-have for any video editor. During editing, you will appreciate the ease of use and the ability to create stunning visuals.  It displays a great level of flexibility and creativity when it comes to video editing. The interface shows all filters, effects, and frames in one place.

Additional Features of Adobe After Effects MOD APK:

Watermark Removed (Premium unlocked):

If you use free version of the app your video is saved with a watermark. To remove water mark you need to purchase the premium version of the app. But this may cost a lot of money. During early phase of professional life we can’t afford to pay thi s money. Just you need not to worry because we are providing you Hacked version which is provide this option without any cost.

 Absolutely Free:

There is no need to worry about the cost of the app. You can use the app absolutely free of cost. However, in order to use the app you need to have the Adobe After Effects Cracked APk.

All Premium Features Unlocked:

The app is premium unlocked. This means that you can use it on any device without any restrictions. You don’t need to worry about the data or license fees. All the premium features of the app are unlocked.

Pros and Cons


  • Data-driven animation
  • Animated Motion Graphics
  • Chroma Key Cutting
  • Motion Tracking
  • VR Converter Tools
  • Text Animation
  • Virtual Environment
  • VR Converter


  • VR Converter Tools may be too demanding for some users

How To Download Adobe After Effects Crack APK:

You can download Adobe After Effects APK from apkgurru by following the instructions given below

• Scroll down the page until you locate the “download button”

 • Click the “download” button and the download will begin immediately.

• Check that you have a fast internet connection.

How to Install Adobe After Effects APK:

Installing a downloaded apk file is different than just downloading it from the play store. If you are new to installing apk files don’t panic it’s really simple. To install After Effects MOD APK follow the steps given below:

• Enable the 3rd party installation after downloading the file

• Go to your phone’s settings to do this.

• Next, choose “more settings” • Finally, pick the privacy menu.

• Look for the “Allow installation of applications from unknown sources” option and allow it.

• Now, when you’ve enabled it, open the download file.

• click install

• wait for the software to install

• finally, click open and enjoy the app.


Q: Is it safe to download the mod version?

A: Yes, it is safe to download the mod version of Adobe After Effects. apkgurru provides you with totally safe version of apps. We make sure your security and protection.

Q: Can we get After Effects on Android?

A: Yes, you can get After Effects on Android. However, you need to install Adobe After Effects Pro APK first.

Q: What is the price of the app?

A: The price of the app is $99.99.

Q: How can I get After Effects on my computer for free?

A: There is no need to worry about that. Adobe After Effects is available for free on both PC and iOS. Just install the app and start editing your videos.

Final Verdict:

Adobe After Effects MOD APK is a professional video editor that is available for android and PC. It has a data-driven animation feature and Animated Motion Graphics to create beautiful visuals and animations. Additionally, it has a Virtual Reality effect to create immersive videos.

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