Animation Throwdown MOD APK 1.121.3 Download (Unlimited Gems)

Animation throwdown is an adventure card game. It was developed by Kongregate. In the animation throwdown mod apk different characters or heroes from different animation movies fight with each other using different cards.

What is Animation Throwdown?

Animation throwdown mod apk is one of the best adventures games. In the game, players take on the role of superheroes who must use their skills and strength to defeat an evil being or creature. The evil creature can be of any kind, but typically it is a monster or villain from a children’s movie or video game.

The player who first wins the game by playing all their cards wins. The game is over when one player has no more cards left. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

About Animation Throwdown MOD APK

NameAnimation Throwdown

Gameplay of Animation Throwdown

The gameplay of the Animation throwdown mod apk is simple. Players take turns playing one card until either they have no more cards left or they have won the game. When a player has no more cards left, they must discard one card and play the rest of their cards. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

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Game Play of Throwdown MOD APK


The storyline of the game is up to the players. The goal is to defeat the evil being or creature and get to the end of the level, where they will find a magic item. There are a variety of cards that can be played, including abilities that can help the player defeat the creature or make it easier to win.

Players can also use their abilities to help other players, and the game will keep track of who has the most points at the end. The players can also compete against each other to see who can get the most points.

Features of Animation Throwdown APK:

Heroes and Characters

In the Animation throwdown mod apk, you can play the game with your favorite superheroes and villains and see who comes out on top. characters from favorite cartoon series like “The Avengers” and “Teen Titans” are available as cards.

Characters include characters from the following cartoon series

  • The Simpsons
  • The Flintstones
  • The Jetsons
  • The Super Friends
  • The Simpsons Movie
  • Teen Titans Go!

The Simpsons characters include

  • Homer
  •  Marge
  • Bart
  •  Lisa
  •  Maggie
  • Kent.

The Flintstones characters include

  • Rocky
  • Salty
  •  Slick
  •  Barney
  • Grampa

 The Jetsons characters include

  • Mr. Jetson
  •  Jetson’s Neighborhood
  • the Jetsons’ Fun House.

The Super Friends characters include

  • Superman
  • Aquaman
  • The Wonder Woman
  •  The Flash
  •  The Hulk

The Simpsons Movie characters include

  • Bart
  •  Lisa
  •  Homer
  •  Marge
  • Maggie.

The Teen Titans Go! characters include

  • Cyborg
  •  Raven
  •  Starfire
  •  Beast Boy
  •  Robin.

Family Guy characters include:

  • Peter Griffin
  • Stewart
  •  Meg
  • Chris
  •  Brian
  •  Quagmire

Bob’s Burgers characters include:

  • Bob
  •  Linda
  •  Patty
  •  Louise
  •  Piggy
  •  ANTM

Futurama characters include:

  • Fry
  •  Bender
  •  Professor Farnsworth
  •  Dr. Zoidberg

American Dad characters include:

  •  Tim
  •  Steve
  •  Mike
  •  dad
  •  mom

King of the Hill characters include:

  •  Ham
  •  The Dukes
  •  Shemp
  •  Curly
  •  Grampa

Card Battles:

The card battles in the animation throwdown mod apk include

  •  Two-player card battles
  •  Four-player card battles
  •  Team-based card battles
  •  Cross-platform card battles
  •  Race to the finish

Epic Card Games

Animation Throwdown mod apk is the epic card game that lets you collect cards and battle with characters from your favorite shows and movies. With a variety of characters and a variety of strategies, it’s sure to be a fun and exciting experience for all.

Epic Card Games Anumation Throwdown APK

Single-Player Campaign:

If you are looking to play animation throwdown mod apk offline then the single-player campaign option will help you out. In this, you are to go for an adventure ride. You may go through some islands and mysterious areas. You may discover 30 different islands in search of cards. As you discover more and more areas you will unlock more and more cards.  The more cards you find the more powerful you become.


Players can buy upgrades for their characters in the game. These upgrades can include new abilities, new costumes, and more. Whenever a new update is available you can come to apkgurru and download the latest version of the game.

Free to Play:

The Animation Throwdown mod apk is free to play. Players can choose to play the game for a short or long period of time. The game has a variety of levels that the players can play. The game also has a leaderboard to track how many points a player has at the end of the game.


The graphics of the Animation Throwdown mod apk are good. The players are sprites that are used to represent superheroes and villains. The characters are drawn in a good way and the backgrounds are also good.

Sound Effects and Music:

The sound effects and music of the animation throwdown mod apk is fantastic. The sound effects are consistent and the music is catchy.

Collectible Card Game:

There are different types of cards in the Animation throwdown mod apk, including action cards, support cards, and monster cards. Action cards let you play an aggressive game and help you to defeat your enemy, while support cards help you to play a relative defensive game. Monster cards are special cards that can help you win the game.

Mom’s Mystery Box:

The game has a mystery box aspect to it. The players must find the items in the mystery box to win the game. The items in the mystery box can include items from movies, video games, and children’s movies.

Card Battles

Unlock Characters:

Players can unlock characters in the game by playing through the levels and defeating the evil being or creature. The characters are unlocked in different ways, including by playing through the levels and finding the character’s card.

Earn Money:

Players can earn money in the game by playing through the levels and defeating the evil being or creature. The money can be used to buy new cards, weapons, and abilities for their characters.

Home Screen:

  • A leaderboard to track how many points a player has at the end of the game
  • A game screens
  • A card game screen
  • A mystery box screen
  • A quick-fire mode

Unlimited Fun:

Animation Throwdown apk is the perfect game for any fan of popular shows and movies. With an unlimited amount of fun to be had, there’s no limit to what you can do. So whether you’re playing online or in-game, be sure to come out and have some fun!

Extra Benefits:

-Unlock all the cards in the game for free

-Get an extra card for every 10,000 points you earn

Features of Animation Throwdown MOD APK

Unlimited money:

Get an unlimited amount of money for in-app purchases

Unlimited Gold

Have an unlimited amount of gold by installing an animation throwdown mod apk to play all missions.

All Cards Unlocked

All cards are available for you free of cost. You can enjoy the most powerful cards from level one.

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All Cards Unlocked Throwdown MOD APK

Ads Free

The ads are removed from the game for a better gaming experience

All Characters Unlocked

You can choose any of the characters you want without any worry. All characters are unlocked in the Animation Throwdown Cheat apk.

Pros and Cons of Animation MOD APK


  • Best card game
  • Excellent display
  • Animation heroes from different movies and games
  • Good for time pass
  • Learn to play cards


  • May contain ads

How to Download Animation Throwdown Cheat APK:

To download the Animation throwdown mod apk from apkgurru follow the procedure given below

  • Click on the download button given in the green color
  • Wait until the download starts
  • Make sure you have a fast internet connection
  • If the download is not started then click restart download
  • Now move on to installing the game

How to Install Animation Throwdown MOD APK

To install the Animation Throwdown hack apk on android follow the procedure below

  • First enable the unknown sources option from the setting of your mobile
  • Now open the download file and click to install
  • The installation will start in no time
  • After installation open and enjoy the game

How to Install Animation Throwdown Hack APK on PC

  • To install Animation Throwdown on PC install an android emulator software first
  • Emulator like Blue stack is suggested
  • Now open the emulator
  • Drag the download file into the emulator for installation
  • The Installation will start
  • Open the game and enjoy it on pc


Animation Throwdown apk is a card game. Each player shows their card and the one with the most number of cards left in the end wins the battle. If you don’t have any experience in playing card games then read the full article to understand how to play this game.

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Q: Is an animation throwdown online game?

A: Animation throwdown mod apk has both online and offline gameplay.  If you are alone then you can enjoy the single-player campaign.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for animation throwdown?

A: Animation Throwdown mod apk requires a minimum of 2GB RAM and 1GB free storage in your mobile phone.

Q: Is Animation throwdown available on iOS?

A: Currently Animation throwdown mod apk is unavailable on iOS.

Q: How to play animation throwdown apk?

A: Kindly open the link and read our full article to understand the game play of animation throwdown apk mod.

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