Godus MOD APK V0.0.28197 2022 Download (Unimited Money)

Godus MOD APK is released by 22Cans. It is a simulation game. This is an award-winning simulation game with best tactile world you will ever play. The main objective of the game is hidden in its name. You act like a GOD over living creatures in this simulation. By scoring more points you will unlock new items and earn new titles. Godus Mod APK gives you unlimited beliefs and gems to play the game without spending a dyne and enjoy it to your fullest desires.

What is Godus MOD APK?

In Godus MOD APK you play as a GOD over living things. The gameplay is smooth and effortless. As you are the world of this simulation so you have ultimate authority. In Godus APK you can create your own world and decide your own rules. Your empire will grow as you build new things. Just make your people happy and expand your world by mining resources and building new technologies.

How to Play Godus MOD APK Game

The game is developed with customization in mind. With a single touch you can redesign the entire landscape. In Godus MOD APK Game you are in power. You will be loved and worshiped as a God of your world. You will develop your planet as you grow and develop more resources.

Gameplay of Godus MOD APK

The game starts by saving a man and woman who are drowning in water. After saving them from drowning you have to take them to a promised land. Here they settle down by making a tent and start breeding.

As a result of breeding a worker is born who will build another tent. This cycle continues and you become the GOD and savior of these people. By performing simple acts of kindness, you build trust in your followers. This belief in you will help you to expand your people in far land and build new technologies. Some lands require a large amount of belief to build.

Gameplay of Godus MOD APK

As you build more lands and houses the population of your believers will increase and your good deeds will increase their belief in you. As a challenge the world around you is constantly evolving so you need to keep an eye on it. As you build new lands your influence will increase over the people.

Features of Godus Hack APK

These are some amazing features of Godus Cheak APK mentioned below:

  • Godus provide interactive environment for players. It is cross platform compatible so you can interact players of other platforms like pc, linux, macOS etc.
  • You can build your own world as an individual or with friends. The progress and evolution of your game will keep progressing even you are not physically present there. So you have to keep an eye on that and always revisiting your strategy
  • Interactive chat environment helps you to chat with players all across the globe. You can discuss various strategies and help each other overcome challenges or even send gifts to other players.
  • Although godus is available for different operation systems but its apk version is developed while keeping touch screens in mind.

Some Additional Features

Followings are the some additional features of Godus mod apk

  • Unlimited Beliefs.
  • Unlimited Gems.
  • Unlocked Characters.
  • God Mode.
  • No root required.
  • Auto updates are available.

Details of Godus Cheat APK

Updated onApril, 2022
Size112 MB
RequirementAndroid 5 and up

Pros and Cons of Godus MOD APK


  • Great interactive environment
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Amazing sound effects
  • Stunning landscapes
  • In-game mechanism is flawless
  • One of the best simulation game


  • An internet connection is required to play this game.
  • The game contains Ads

How to Download Godus Mod APK

You can download Godus mod apk from apkgurru by following instructions given below

  • Click the download button below.
  • Wait a few seconds and the system will automatically start your download of Godus MOD APK / DATA file.

How to Install Godus MOD on Android

In order to install Godus mod apk follow steps given below:

  • Go to your downloads folder in file manager and open the Godus mod apk
  • Enable unknown sources (if this is your first installation). For this purpose, go to your settings > security > check unknown sources. It’s a one-time toggle and you don’t need to worry about it in future.
  • Go back to your downloads folder and install apk file.
  • Wait for it to install.
  • Once installation is finished launch the game and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is MOD APK?

A: Mod apks are modified versions of android games and apps. Generally, a game and app is developed by writing a code. The mod apks are modified forms of this code containing special features like unlimited gems and coins

Q: Can I trust APKGURRU?

A: At apkgurru we strive to give you the greatest and latest mod apks. All the files are checked an scanned by us. Download links are constantly monitored for dead links

Q: Is Godus mod apk safe for my device?

A: Yes definitely. Godus mod apk is tested and scanned by us. There is no malicious files or code that will cause harm to your device.

Q: Why do I need to enable unknown sources?

A: In order to install games or apps from third party (other than play store) you require permission. Don’t worry its not harmful for your device.

Q: Will this mod ever get banned?

A: Mod apks are modified versions of original games or apps released on play store. As thee contains unlimited money and coins there is a chance that these will get banned. It is often advised to run these mod apks just for fun.

Q: How to uninstall Godus MOD APK?

A: Uninstalling Godus mod apk is same as uninstalling any other game. Long press the game icon and click uninstall. A pop up will appear to confirm the uninstall. Click uninstall and game will be uninstalled automatically

Q: What do I do if I am unable to download or install the Godus MOD APK?

A: If you are facing any problems in downloading or installing Godus mod apk feel free to leave a comment below. We will be glad to help you assist in solving your problems


Godus is an addictive simulation game with great visuals. You can install this game easily on your android device running android 5 or higher. It requires only 2 GB of RAM and less than 1 GB space is required to play this game. The game requires constant interactions of the player as the space around you keeps on evolving. You do need an internet connection as it isn’t available as offline game.

This is all about Godus MOD APK 2022. If you have any question related to this game let us know in comments below Thank You.

Player’s Reviews

Nikkole S. Molina

This game is so fun and cute. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easier to keep your little followers happy all the time. I’ve been playing this game on and off for years. Only because it gets addictive after a while, haha, but I recommend it. I guess my only complaint is how hard it is to acquire gems. I wish we got 3 gems per ad. Instead of 1 gem per ad like they currently have. I have to watch 10 ads straight for 10 gems, and wait 30 seconds after every ad.

Robert C.

I have this app on my phone and love it. Great concept, playability and graphics. I give it 5 stars because in the short time I have been playing it this game has yet failed to amuse me. It’s not so much clever, but smart in so many areas. Although, when I tried to install it on my chromebook, it will not finalize on the load screen. Error prompts Godus has stopped working. But again, on my phone this app is a blast.

Madu Rama

Played this game years ago and I must say it still has its charm. One of my most favorite games of all time. Very cute, very well made, love the tutorials and I love playing a (benevolent) god ���


I like it but for GOD’s sake, please give us the ability to ZOOM OUT further. I get so mixed up and don’t know what part of my land I’m on and can’t navigate back to other areas because I lose my bearings. If you do give that ability, I’ll change my review to 5 stars but at this point, it gives me a headache trying to play.

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