Idle Army Base MOD APK V2.1.1 Download for Androids

Idle Army Base MOD APK (unlimited money/coins) is a military simulation game. You have to build an army base, recruit soldiers, and fight against other players. There are many different scenarios to play in Idle Army Base APK. Such as a real-life war, against a computer opponent, or a role-playing game.

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Details of Idle Army Base

App NameIdle Army Base
Updated onJun 8, 2022
No of Downloads10,000,000+ downloads
Requirements5.0 and up

Gameplay of Idle Army Base APK:

The gameplay of Idle Army Base MOD APK is easy to understand and follows a simple but fun formula. You are assigned a certain task.  Complete them in time to progress to the next step. There are several different skills and abilities you can use to complete your tasks. Some abilities may include fighting skills and warfare stamina. You will need to use them all to win the game.

Gameplay of Army Base Idle

The Idle Army Base game is played in the usual three-dimensional real-world environment. It has a simulated 3D battlefield. The battlefield is always full of obstacles and enemies, so it is important to be prepared for every situation. The game is available in a variety of languages, so you can enjoy them in whichever language you are comfortable with.


Start by having troops volunteer in your camp, then build an army and fight your opponents. You can then train them through multiple military tasks to increase their morale and strength. These include tactics, training, and battle. With an ever-growing army, your opponents will be constantly on the lookout for new and improved strategies, so it is important to stay ahead of them in the game.

After finishing each activity, you are reported on the progress of your troops. This will help you to make better decisions in the future and to improve your strategy. Keep growing your base and army, and you will be able to face your opponents in a real-life war!

Idle Army Base crack apk offers you the unique opportunity to experience real-life military life in a fun, easy-to-use, and addictive game.


The more you recruit the more powerful you be, and you can choose from a variety of different soldiers. You can also customize them according to your needs. Any rookie with a good attitude and achievement has more chance of promotion. In this way, they can get high-level skills and equipment.

A young rookie always adds some extra energy and enthusiasm to the team, and they are the best ones to make the most of your base. They can help you with training, morale-building tasks, and more.

Bus Stop:

The bus stop is the place to receive recruits. The players are automatically enlisted at the bus stop. You can choose the soldiers from the list, and then you can start training them. The more soldiers you have, the more difficult the tasks will be. 

To get more recruits and make them stronger upgrade your bus stop. Try to get more passengers and increase the number of recruits you can receive at once.

With a little start-up funding in Idle Army Base APK, you can build some good-sized barracks. This will improve the training and morale of your soldiers. The bus contains bus seat numbers for each recruit, so you can easily see who is coming and going.

Entrance Gates:

To enter the base, you first need to get the access code. This code can be found in the menu on the right-hand side of the screen. Once you have the access code, you can open the door. After you have entered, you will need to find the medical room. The medical room is the place where you can change the troops’ clothes and equipment.

There are also some other places in the base where you can find troops. These include the kitchen, the barracks, and the store. To find the troops, you will need to find their assigned post and look for their emblem.

Exercise Yard:

An exercise yard is a place where the troops can train. You can also find it in the base. An exercise yard is a great place to have a competition or to test your troops’ strength. The exercise yard is also a great place to have a picnic. The rookie comes here to practice their shooting and running skills. There is a limit at which recruits can take part in the competition. So, make sure you have enough space. I love this feature of Idle Army Base MOD APK.

Both Online and Offline Gameplay:

Idle Army Base crack version offers both online and offline gameplay. You can play with your friends or online against other players. You can also play against the computer opponent in a real-life war.

Features of Idle Army Base APK:

Build the Best Army:

In Idle Army Base cheat APK, you can build an army from scratch. You can choose from a variety of different soldiers, and you can also customize them according to your needs. There are also a variety of tasks and tasks to complete to increase the morale of your troops.

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Build Your Army Idle Army Base

Train Your Soldiers:

The first thing comes first, and that is training your troops. You can find the soldiers from the list, and then you can start training them. The soldiers can be assigned to different tasks to improve their skills.

To make your troops stronger, you can find some upgrades for your base. These include barracks, a medical room, and an exercise yard. With an increasing army, your opponents.

Train Soldier Idle Army Base MOD

Achievements and Rewards:

In Idle Army Base hack APK, you can earn achievements and rewards to improve your game experience. These achievements and rewards can include different rewards, such as points, money, or items.

To get the rewards, you will need to finish the tasks assigned to your troops. These tasks can include training, fighting, and more. The tasks can be found in the various areas of the base.

There is also a possibility to get special rewards, depending on the situation. For example, if you are fighting against a computer opponent, you can get special rewards for your troops that are not available to other players.

Improve Your Facilities:

In Idle Army Base MOD APK, you can improve your facilities to make your troops more comfortable. You can find different upgrades for your base in the menu, and you can also find the troops’ assigned posts on the base.

Improve Facilities Army Idle Base

The facilities may include a shower, a bedroom, and a kitchen. The upgrades can make your troops more comfortable, and they can also help you to win the game. Other things are exercise equipment, like a treadmill, to improve your troops’ physical fitness.

Conquer the World:

After building a strong army base it’s time to conquer the world. Go out of your base and take down the other players. It’s time to rule the world with your army. Ah, but be careful, your troops are not the only ones who can have feelings of envy. Always be prepared for the next enemy attack!

Complete Missions:

To complete the missions, you will need to find the codes and open the doors. The missions can be found in different areas of the base. You can also find them in the menu, or in the game itself.

The missions can be difficult, and you will need to use your skills and strategies to win. Use your army to its best power and make your opponent fall back. The mission in the Idle Army Base game include:

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Complete Missions Idle Army Hack APK

-Defending your base from other players

-Building a strong base and army

-Fight against a computer opponent

-Playing a role-playing game

The Unique Idle Game:

In the Idle Army Base MOD APK, there is no tie to be free. You can start playing by choosing one of the different scenarios. After playing, you can continue playing by selecting another scenario. There is no limit to the number of scenarios you can play.

Training Courses:

There are a variety of training courses in the game. You can use them to improve your troops’ morale, skills, and abilities. The courses are available in different areas of the base. You can also find them in the menu.

Obstacle Course:

The obstacle course includes obstacles that can be passed or not passed. You can also earn rewards for passing the obstacles. The obstacles include:




-Slippery Pools


The Idle Army Base APK offers different levels of difficulty, so you can find the one that is right for you. You can also choose to play the game with a friend or against another player.

Urban Warfare:

Urban warfare is a type of military simulation where you have to fight against other players in a city. The city can be defended by your troops or the other players can attack your base. Urban warfare includes:

-Taking over buildings

-Catching enemies in the streets

-Facing off in a battle on the open ground

Jungle Warfare:

To rid our troops of their fear of fighting inside the deep jungle. Get ready for a real jungle-warfare experience. Try to play hunter tricks to catch your enemy. Always have map control to make sure you can survive in the jungle.

Arctic Warfare:

Explore arctic landscapes and fight in Idle Army Base MOD APK. Fight in the snow and ice, and try to survive for as long as possible. The Arctic warfare includes:

-Fighting in the snow

-Facing off in a battle on the open ground

-Trekking through the ice

Desert Warfare:

 The hardest journey is to take place in the desert. You have to fight in the snow and deserts, and try to survive until the end. I’m telling you it’s going to be hot. Keep water and food with you and be prepared for the hottest weather in the world.

Naval Warfare:

Naval warfare is the perfect way to test your skills. Naval warfare includes:

-Facing off in a battle on the open ground

-Battle in the harbor

-Towing a boat

-Building a ship

Heavy Machine Gun:

I know you are a machine gun lover. So we have the best heavy machine gun for you in Idle Army Base cheat APK. Get ready for a real-life war with this machine gun. It is perfect for online and real-life multiplayer games.

Heavy Artillery and Explosive:

With heavy explosives, it’s going to be boom! You need artillery to help your troops in the battle, and explosives to destroy the opponents’ base. The artillery can be found in different areas of the base, and the explosives can be found in the store.

Chemical Warfare:

The most fatal battlefield is always a chemical warfare battle. You need to use the right chemical weapons to kill your opponents.  The chemical weapons include acids, smokescreens, and grenades. The smokescreen can be used to hide your troops, and the grenade can be used to destroy the opponents’ base. You will only get this in Idle Army Base MOD APK.

Features of Idle Army Base MOD APK Version:

Unlimited coins:

In the Idle Army Base hack APK version, you can earn unlimited coins. This will make the game more exciting and pleasurable for you. You can use these coins to buy more soldiers, build more barracks, and more items.

Ads Free:

Idle Army Base MOD APK is without ads. There are no ads to interrupt your gameplay. You can also uninstall the game without any problem.

Unlocked All Bus Stops:

Idle Army Base cheat APK includes all the bus stops that are available in the game. This will make it easier for you to find the troops, and you can easily recruit them.

Unlocked All Battlefields:

All battlefields are unlocked in the mod version. So, you can enjoy every taste of war with your friends. So buddy up, and get ready for battle!

Free to Upgrade:

No need to spend money on in-game items. In the Idle Army Base MOD APK version, you can upgrade the game without any cost. You can also join the chat and discuss the game with other players.

Become a Tycoon:

With hard work and experience, you can become a tycoon in Idle Army Base crack APK. You can buy the best equipment, increase the number of soldiers, and build your empire!


Q: How do I get the access code in Idle Army Base APK?

A: You can get the access code by opening the game and going to the menu on the right-hand side.

Q: What are the different types of troops in Idle Army Base APK?

A: There are different types of troops in an Idle Army Base MOD APK. You can recruit soldiers from the list, and then you can start training them. The more soldiers you have, the more difficult the tasks will be.

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