Inotia 4 MOD APK 2022 Latest Version (Unlimited Gems & Gold) v1.3.2

Inotia 4 mod apk is a continual of Inotia series. If you are an RPG game lover, you will love this game too. It is a role-playing game presented by Com2uS. The game consists of different characters and heroes who fight with villains. It is a single-player game. The hero has a combination of both powers and magic at the same time. This makes the game even more interesting to play. If you want to download role play and action games we provide best games Guardian Tales and many more. Bookmark our website for games and apps.

What is Inotia 4 MOD APK

Inotia 4 is all about superheroes who fight against different types of evil forces. The monsters are very much powerful and dangerous as well. These monsters occupy the holy land and spread destruction and evil among the people.

You have to fight against these evils to get the holy land back. There are six different classes of characters or heroes such as Black Knight, Assassin, Warlock, Priest, Ranger, etc. with 90 different types of skills.

As you complete more and more missions in inotia 4 you will get a chance to win different prizes and gifts. Besides the main gameplay, there are side minigames as well which you can play and win prizes.

Inotia 4 MOD Details

NameInotia 4
Updated onMar 02, 2022.
Size64 MB
GenreAction, Roleplay
RequirementAndroid 5 and up

Gameplay of Inotia MOD 4 Game

Home Screen:

The home screen of the inotia 4 mod apk is very simple and user-friendly. Everything is given on the screen in the form of a menu. First of all, you have to choose among different characters. The other things are control setup and other menus. You don’t need advanced knowledge to understand the interface of the game.


You may find it difficult to understand the controls of the inotia 4 mod apk. As you progress and play the game on daily basis you will understand more and more about the game. You can give at least two hours of your daily routine to enjoy this amazing game.

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Inotia 4 MOD APK


Inotia 4 mod apk revolves around the traditional fight between light and darkness. The evil forces are trying to occupy holy lands. They have destroyed many buildings and killed innocent people.   

Kiyan is the main character of the story who goes on a journey to fight against these evil forces.  He is an assassin and kills the evils who try to occupy holy places and things. He goes on a journey and as he travels more the difficulty of the journey increases.

On his journey, he meets Darius who is the leader of the shadow tribe.  He reaches Barkel city where people are very friendly and helpful. They help Kiyan to fight against these evil forces and get the holy land back.

They fight against dangerous and powerful monsters and goblins.  They kill them with the help of weapons and magical powers. The right combination of magical powers helps to beat the enemies and grow in the game more.

Features of Inotia 4 MOD APK

The followings are the features of the inotia 4 mod apk:

6 Classes, 90 Skills

Choose from 6 classes; Black Knight, Assassin, Warlock, Priest, and Ranger.

15 different skills are added to each class. Combine all skills to customize your party’s strategy.

Convenient Party System

Mercenaries can be recruited to your party anytime and anywhere.

Once all mercenaries are recruited, 20 or more unique ‘mercenary skills’ will help you along your journey.

Largest Mobile RPG Maps

Deserts and freezing snowfields, mysterious forests, and dark dungeons…

400 maps with various themes to roam through!

Channel of Light

A breathless chase-and-run story where the two heroes meet companions, enemies, and monsters; Be immersed in emotions as the darkness and light contradict in force. Enjoy a stronger, and better, scenario.

Multiple Characters to play:

There are multiple characters and heroes in the game which you can choose to fight against evils. As you play and complete more missions you can unlock more and more powerful characters.

Multiple Characters to play (Inotia MOD)


There are different types of equipment and weapons to fight against evil monsters. You can also buy these types of equipment from the online store of the game.

Monsters & Villains

You have to face different monsters and villains in the game with unique powers and structures. This takes you to the world of dreams and fantasy.

Offline Game:

You can play inotia 4 mod apk even when you have no internet connection. It is an offline game with a wonderful storyline and graphics.

Language Support:

English and Japanese

Additional Features

The followings are the features of the Inotia 4 mod apk

  • Unlimited Gold
  • All features unlocked
  • No root required
  • Easy to install and use
  • God Mode.
  • Shop unlocked
  • All characters unlocked
  • Auto Win.
  • Auto updates are available.

Pros and Cons of Inotia Mods APK


  • Ultimate action role play experience
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Enjoy with friends and family
  • Provides you unlimited money to buy things
  • Amazing sound effects
  • In-game mechanism is flawless


  • The mods are usually considered unsafe for the system.

How to Download Inotia 4 Cheat APK

 You can download Inotia 4 mod apk from apkgurru by following the instructions given below

• Scroll down the page until you locate the “download button”

 • Click the “download” button and the download will begin immediately.

• Check that you have a fast internet connection.

How to Install Inotia 4 Hack APK

Installing a downloaded apk file is different than just downloading it from the play store. If you are new to installing apk files don’t panic it’s really simple. To install Inotia 4 mod apk follow the steps given below:

• Enable the 3rd party installation after downloading the file

• Go to your phone’s settings to do this.

• Next, choose “more settings” • Finally, pick the privacy menu.

• Look for the “Allow installation of applications from unknown sources” option and allow it.

• Now, when you’ve enabled it, open the download file.

• click install

• wait for the software to install

• finally, click open and enjoy the game.

How to install Inotia 4 mod apk on pc:

  • First install an emulator-like blue stack, LD Player, etc. on your pc (we recommend blue stack version 5 or X).
  • After installing the emulator open it.
  • Find the downloaded file and drag it into the emulator to install.
  • Wait for the game to install.
  • Open Inotia 4 and enjoy to your heart’s desire.

Permissions Required:

  • SD card storage
  • It needs access to your gallery photos and videos.
  • The app may also ask for access to your mobile camera
  • The app requires microphone permission to record audio.


Q: What is the difference between inotia 4 and inotia 4 plus?

A: inotia 4 plus provides you with all the premium features unlocked. But for this, you have to pay a handsome amount. But don’t worry inotia 4 mod apk will provide you with all the premium features free of cost.

Q: How to play inotia 4 mod apk on pc?

A: You can enjoy inotia 4 mod apk by downloading an android emulator like blue stack on your pc. You can follow the steps given in the article to install it on pc.

Q: How many versions of the inotia series are there?

A: There are four versions of the inotia series

  • The Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor
  • The Chronicles of Inotia 2 A Wanderer of Luone
  • The Chronicles of Inotia 3: Children of Carnia
  • The Chronicles of Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel

Q: Is my android device capable of running Inotia 4 hack apk?

A: Inotia 4 is a very light game and it will run on any android device. You only need a minimum of 1 GB of RAM and 2 GB of free space

Q: Do I need an internet connection to run Inotia 4?

A: No, you don’t need an active internet connection to run this game.


Inotia 4  is an addictive simulation game with great visuals. You can install this game easily on your android device running Android 5 or higher. It requires only 1 GB of RAM and less than 500 MB of space is required to play this game. The game requires constant interactions of the player as the space around you keeps on evolving. You do need an internet connection as it isn’t available as an offline game.

Players Review

Uzair Naeem

April 4, 2021

I got to the finish of this inotia 4 mod apk three or four times and it took me a long time each time. I became stuck whenever I encountered the game’s final boss, DARK FORCES OF EVIL. I decreased its power to a bare minimum, yet it heals itself in one second, not one second less. As a consequence, I decided to stop playing this game. After a few months, I reinstalled it because it was my favorite game, but I still couldn’t progress. So, please make it simpler.

Codename : Reborn

January 14, 2022

I appreciate this inotia 4 mod apk, and despite the fact that it’s been 9 years, I still appreciate the tale. If you can’t play it offline, here’s what you need to do: get online for a second, then input a character, then switch off your WiFi/data, and you’re good to go. Finally, this game has a nice story and structure, and the individuals (both good and bad) you’ll encounter throughout the story have interesting backstories. So, please, programmers, keep working on the tale. Thank you, and best of luck.

Vincent Eusebio

February 15, 2022

Hello there, chums! I’m Vincent, and I’d want to share something with you. I’ve been playing a lot of action games lately. But then I came across this inotia 4 mod apk. The game’s home screen is just stunning. One of the finest features of this game is its user-friendly UI. The images are also full HD, so you won’t get the impression that you’re playing a game. The visuals are so lifelike that I’m confident you’ll think it’s genuine. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the game and start playing.

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