Minion Rush MOD APK V8.6.0d Download 2022

Minion Rush MOD APK (unlimited bananas and tokens) is a single-player runner game. It was developed by Gameloft SE. The objective of the game is to guide a minion through a maze of obstacles and enemies to the end of the level. The player can only move their minion forward and must avoid obstacles and enemies. The player can collect coins to help the minion move faster, and power-ups will allow the minion to fire more shots. You also have to block enemies from reaching the player. The player can also purchase more minions to help them out, and share the level with others by sharing a level file.

It has a fan base of over a billion people. Minion Rush APK is available on both the play store and the apple store. Download casual game Hot Gym Idle MOD APK and enjoy.

Basic Concept of Minion Rush MOD APK:

The game is derived from the famous animation series “minions“. The minions are characters in the movie. These are yellow, and they live in a lab. They are created by a scientist. Minions are also part of the famous animation series “Despicable Me“. In this movie, there is a character named Gru. The minions help Gru in his mission. They help him to get items, and they also help him to defeat the evil doctor. Minions also help Gru in fighting against evil characters.

The minions run through the track and collect different items. Items may include coins, bananas, and stars. Collect more and more coins and bananas or stars to go high in the game. Although the game is not over when all the Minions have been collected, the player can only move the minion forward. The game ends when the minion gets stuck by obstacles or caught by Villon.


You will visit various locations in the Minion Rush Hacked APK. All locations are different and will require you to guide the minion through the maze. There are different enemies in each location. If your speed becomes low these enemies are going to catch you. Try to collect boosters to maintain your speed. You will also see different power-ups in each location. These power-ups will help you to fire more shots, and they also increase the number of coins you can collect.

Gameplay Minion Rush APK

One of the main objectives of the game is to collect as many coins as possible. The coins can be used to buy more minions, and they can also be used to purchase power-ups. Power-ups will allow the minion to fire more shots, and they will also increase the number of coins you can collect.

Details of Minions Rush MOD

App NameMinion Rush MOD APK
Updated onJun 21, 2022
Size103 MB
No of Downloads500,000,000+ downloads
DeveloperGameloft SE

Features of Minions Rush APK:

Run Along with Minions:

The minion characters are so cute that you will find yourself in them. When a minion is running on different tracks you will feel it is you. Play more and more to go up to level. It’s just like having a long journey with your favorite character.

That’s why I always love playing this game with my minions. I can control them in any way I want. Also, I can make them run faster, fire more shots, and collect more coins. That’s simply amazing.

Unlock A Large Number of Costumes:

The costumes are the clothes the minion wears. Each costume is very different, and each Minion has his or her style. There are also costumes for the bosses. Every character is wearing a special costume. Costumes also have various dashes of styles.

You can also unlock other costumes by playing the Minion Rush Cheat APK for a long time. The game keeps track of your progress and updates the costumes accordingly. So, you always have the best chance of unlocking the best costumes. Costumes can also be earned through prizes, and they can also be bought from the store. You can also use coins and bananas to buy different costumes.

The costumes include a variety of styles. You can choose between a cartoon style or a more serious style. There are also combos available, and each character has his or her style. So, you can easily mix and match the different styles to get the look you want.

Collect Bananas:

The minions collect bananas. Bananas are used to upgrade the minion. You can find bananas at different locations, and they are also used to purchase different things.  There are three different types of bananas: blue, green, and yellow. Colors are important, and they will help you to determine which upgrade the minion should receive. The colors are also important to the look of the minion.

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Collect Bananas Minion Rush MOD

Besides bananas, you can also collect coins and stars. These coins and stars are also used to purchase different things. You can also use them to buy different costumes and power-ups. There are also challenges in the game, and you can use these challenges to increase your skills.

Fight Against Evil Creatures:

There are different evil characters taken from the movie “despicable Me”. Evil characters keep on chasing minions. If this evil catches up to the minion the game is over buddy. Try to run faster to escape from them. Ah! These are scary moments, aren’t they?

These evil characters in Minion rush cracked APK include:

-Scarlet Overkill

-Glam Slammer

-Dr. No

-Crazy Legs

-The Evil doctor

-Wild Knuckles

-The dark lord

Play and Enjoy Exciting Missions:

In a minion rush MOD APK, you will get to play the exciting missions. These missions are the same as the ones you play in the movie “despicable Me”. The only difference is that you will guide the minion through the maze.

In each mission, you will have to face different obstacles. These obstacles can include trees, rocks, and other enemies. If you get stuck with any obstacle these obstacles will prevent you from moving forward.

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Enjoy Missions Minion Rush

The missions can be completed in different ways. You can use the coins and bananas you collected to purchase different power-ups. You can also use these power-ups to defeat the obstacles. The levels are also designed so that you will have to use your skills to defeat the enemies.

The missions include:

-Collecting a certain number of bananas

-scoring some points

-defeating a certain number of enemies

The Minion rush APK offers a lot of different challenges to increase your skills. There are also challenges to increasing your speed. The game offers a lot of different levels to play. So, you can always find a new challenge to try.

Play Offline:

Yes, the game can be played offline. Just open the game and start playing. There is no need to connect to any internet connection. So, you can play the game at any time.

Minion Rush APK


Power-ups are gadgets that the minion can use. You can find power-ups at different locations. They are used to increase the speed of the minion, fire more shots, and collect more coins.  The power-ups can be bought from the store, and they can also be earned through playing the game. Power-ups include

-A banana

– increases the minion’s speed

-that increases the minion’s fire rate

-increases the minion’s number of shots

-A power-up that increases the minion’s number of coins

Game Mode of Minion Rush MOD APK:

There are three different game modes

1. Single player: The player will only be able to play the game as themselves.

2. cooperative: players can help each other by sharing levels.

3. Mission mode:  The player will take on a mission. They will need to guide the minion through the maze and collect different items. There are different enemies in each mission, and the player must use their skills to defeat them.


The main characters are minions and evil bosses. Minions are different in looks. Some have one eye and some have two eyes. Their costumes are also different. Minions also differ in skills. Choose your favorite minion to play. Some of the minion names are:








Top Quality Graphics and Sound:

Uff! graphics of the game are very good. The sound is also top-class. The minions sound very happy and excited when they are running and when they are fighting. They also sound like they are talking to you. The environment sound is also very good. There are different environments in the game, and they all have different sounds.

Feature of Minion Rush MOD APK:

Unlimited Money to Purchase Costumes and Powerups:

Minion Rush Hacked APK has an in-game microtransaction where players can purchase costumes and power-ups. There are a variety of costumes and power-ups to choose from. Players can also purchase more minions to help them out.  But with our mod version, there is no need to buy anything. You are just going to get it free.

Unlocked Shopping Menu:

In the mod version, there is an unlocked shopping menu. This shopping menu allows players to purchase different costumes and power-ups. Players can also purchase different minions to help them out.

Ads Free Playing Experience:

Buddy, there is no ad to interrupt the gameplay. So, get away with the magic of the game. I’m promising you that you won’t regret it.

Anti-Ban Feature:

Our mod is not subject to any anti-ban measures. So, you can play the game without any fear of being banned.

Pros and Cons


  • Very good graphics and sound
  • Unlimited money to purchase costumes and power-ups
  • Anti-ban feature
  • Super amazing gameplay


  • Some people have complained about the ads in the game
  • Old version of MOD gets a ban

How to Download and Install Minion Rush MOD APK:

You can download the game from our website

  • Click on the Download button given on our webpage
  • Now download will start
  • Wait for the download to complete
  • After download go for installation
  • Go to the download folder and open the downloaded file
  • Click to install and installation will start
  • After the game is installed enjoy the game


Q: Why is the game called Minion rush?

A: The game is named Minion rush APK because the players are running through a maze of obstacles and enemies to get their minions to the end of the level.

Q: How do I play the Minion Rush MOD APK?

A: To play the game, you will first need to install the game. Once you have installed the game, you will need to open it up. The game will start automatically. The player will need to play the game using their own account.

Q: What are the different costumes and power-ups available in the Minion Rush?

A: There are a variety of costumes and power-ups available in the game. Players can choose their favorite minion to play. Some of the minion names are Kevin, Carlos, Donald, Eddie, Fernando, Jorge, and Mario.

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