Rocket Car Ball MOD APK 2.4 (Unlimited Money) Download

Rocket car ball mod apk is a sports game presented by words mobile. It is a combination of racing and soccer at the same time. Instead of players rocket cars are used to goal the ball. This combo gives you dual fun.

Rocket car ball is all about scoring the goal with the help of highly accelerating racing rocket cars. The car that scores the goal first wins the battle. If you’re sports games lovers let us know we will provide you latest sports games, you can download MMA Manager MOD APK it is another popular game, click and download.

What is Rocket Car Ball?  

The combo makes the game special and unique from other games. It’s like having your favorite food and drink at the same time.

Rocket Car Ball MOD APK 2022

There are different types of vehicles available with lots of customization options. You have to choose best of the vehicle and make it a perfect one by altering different types of equipment in it.  The car speed mainly depends upon the engine and rocket attached to the car.

About Rocket Car Ball MOD APK 2022

NameRocket Car Ball APK
Updated onMarch 29, 2022
Size21 MB
GenreSports game
DevelopersWords Mobile
Requirement4.1 and up

Gameplay of Rocket Car Ball MOD

Home screen:

Rocket car ball mod apk home screen is just like a racing game home screen.  There is a menu from which you can select the mode of the game you want to play. You can also go to the store to buy things for your car. There is another option from which you can select the unlocked cars.


The controls of the rocket car ball mod apk are very simple and easy. Use the buttons given on the screen to control your cars. Besides the directions, there is a button ignition which you can press and accelerate your car to beat your opponent quickly.


In the Rocket car ball, apk is a new development in the arena of sports games. This unique idea of Words Mobile was never seen before. The combination of football along racing is quite fascinating.  

You can play with your family and friends online in PvP. If you are a beginner and weak at the game you can choose practice mode and do lots of practice to become a pro player. There is also a story mode where you have to complete different missions.

Features of Rocket Car Ball APK:

The followings are the features of the Rocket car ball:


In the Rocket car ball apk, you have to complete different missions. As you progress more in the game the difficulty level increases. As you complete more and more missions you earn more money and points. You can use this money for different in-app purchases.

Rocket Weapons

There are different types of rocket weapons available that you can attach to your car to make it faster.

Rocket Weapons Rocket Car Ball MOD APK

There are about 10+ heavy weapons available that you can attach to your car. This rocket weapons in rocket car ball mod apk include

  • Rockets
  • Missiles
  • shockwaves


Different types of racing vehicles you can choose to play. As you progress and complete more missions you can unlock unique and powerful vehicles. There is more than 50 vehicles option available in the game.

Modes of Rocket car ball

There are three game modes available.

Single Player

In single-player mode, you can challenge different people across the world to play with you. This is online mode and needs an internet connection to play the game.

Practice Mode

This mode is a blessing for beginners. If you know nothing about the game then you can just go to practice mode and learn the game. This will help you to improve your skills and you can utilize it while single-player mode.

Practical MOD Rocket Car Ball MOD APK

Story Mode

This mode is the best one. You will be given different missions and scenarios which you have to complete. As you complete more missions you earn more diamonds and money.

Realistic Graphics

The Rocket car ball game is made with cutting-edge technology. The graphics are fully 3D and realistic.


Whenever a new upgrade is available you can just come to the apkgurru and download it.

Rocket Car Ball MOD Features

The followings are the features of Rocket car ball   mod apk

  • Unlimited money
  • All vehicles unlocked
  • All equipment unlocked
  • No root required
  • Easy to install and use
  • Shop unlocked
  • Auto updates are available.
  • unlimited level ups
  • tips and tricks
  • get useful items

Pros and Cons of Rocket Car Ball


  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Provides you unlimited money to buy things
  • A combo of two sports games
  • The best learning games


  • The mods are usually considered unsafe for the system.

How to Download Rocket Car Ball APK MOD

To download the rocket car ball mod apk follow the below steps

  • Click on the green download button
  • The download of the game will start in no time
  • Wait for the download
  • The speed of the download depends upon the speed of your internet connection
  • If your download is not started yet then click restart download
  • The download will surely start now
  • If still, you are facing some problems you can contact us

How to Install Rocket Car Ball Hacked APK

In order to install the rocket car ball mod apk on your android mobile follow the below steps

  • Open the folder where you have saved the downloaded file
  • The click the file name “rocket car ball apk” and open it
  • Then an install option will appear on the screen
  • Click on this install button and installation will start
  • The installation will take some time
  • Now open the game and play

How to Install Rocket Car Ball MOD APK on PC:

If you want to play rocket car ball mod apk on your pc then follow the below steps

  • First install an android emulator like memu player, Gameloft and blue stack
  • After installing one of these emulators open them
  • The go to the download file
  • Drag the download file into the emulator to install
  • The installation will now start
  • Wait for the game to install
  • Now open the game and enjoy it

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In which game do cars play with ball?

A: In the rocket car ball mod apk the cars play football. It is a combo of two sports racing and football.

Q:  What are cars in rocket car ball?

A: In rocket car ball cars have an ignition and rocket attach to them for speed.

Q: What are minimum requirements of rocket car ball?

A: Rocket car ball can be played on android mobile having 2GB RAM and 1GB free storage.


The Rocket car ball is an addictive simulation role-playing.  It is a combo of racing and football at the same time. This unique combo makes it different from other sports games. I’m loving this combo and hope you will love this too. So just go the link below and download.


Shevin Sacrey

The button response time might be a little faster, but it’s not horrible. I like the button layout; it’s what came to mind when I imagined a rocket league game on Android. I think the field maybe a little bit bigger. The visuals aren’t spectacular, but I think it’s a little price to pay for the game’s seamless operation. When you’re on the wall, the physics go wacky, and the ball’s mechanics are a touch too sluggish and laggy. If you fix this and add multiplayer, you’ll have a top-rated app.

Sougat Satapathy

The rocket car ball mod apk game is just fantastic. It’s an unusual combination of death race games and football. The aesthetics are okay, but the gameplay is fantastic. It’s a lot of fun to shoot rockets and use many other weapons to crash opponents and score the goal. Great work devs, with such a small storage space required and excellent optimization for low-end devices. Keep up the good work.

Kevin Gerrard

Rocket car ball mod apk is fantastic! It’s fantastic. The aesthetics, the many automobiles, and the various maps on which you may play. I adore all of them. Continue to improve this game and keep up the excellent work. I hope that many people will be able to watch and play your game. My only wish is that you include more diverse vehicles in the game. Another question is if you can make goalkeepers wiser because when the opponent is about to score, the goalie flees the ball… I hope you found my review useful.

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