EA Sports UFC MOD APK V1.9.3786573 Download 2022 (Unlimited Money)

UFC mod apk is a fighting game presented by EA sports. You can enjoy boxing and wrestling at the same time in the game. After its success with the Xbox and PlayStation versions, it is now launched on Android. If you are a UFC lover, you will surely enjoy this game.

You can easily download the offline data file of the Ufc mobile mod apk from the link below and enjoy the game. You can select different fighters in the game and each fighter is very unique. All the fighters present or past in wrestling and boxing are present in the game.

You can thoroughly enjoy those greats of the game and maybe you will also be one of them one day.

Besides this, you can also build your character and customize them. You can change their hairstyles, hair color, eyes color, outfits, glasses, and whatever you want to change.

UFC apk in no time will become the routine part of your life. It’s just like real-life sports for you every day. Everyone has the instinct to fight. It is the best way to release stress from you. But the problem is that you can’t fight in real life like this. BY this, you or someone else may injure. It can also lead to serious injury if you don’t know about the fighting.  But you can use ufc apk to make your fantasy come true. Just like in real life-fighting in UFC apk mod is not so easy. You require a high level of skills and accuracy to win a fight. With all that you also require timing and mental presence during the fight

to select the right move at the right time. Moves and combos are the keys to winning the battle.

Besides all these fights and everything, you can also play minigames like puzzles, etc. to make some gold. Then you can use this gold to make purchases in the game. The game was launched in 2015 and gained popularity in no time. As of now, it has millions of players worldwide.

Gameplay of UFC MOD APK

Game MOD Mobile APK

There are multiple game modes of the game. All gaming modes are fascinating. You can start from carrier mode and pass on to advance mode. You can start as an amateur fighter. In the beginning, you get Alexander Gustafsson for fighting. Then with time, you unlock different fighters that are more advanced.

Gameplay of UFC MOD APK

ufc mobile hack contains all the fighters unlocked so you don’t have to unlock those. This way you can become number 1 from the beginning of the game.


The controls of the ufc++ app are very simple and you don’t have to learn any difficult things. The moves of the player are not in manual control. You just go to the opponent and press a simple button. The combos and moves are adjusted by themselves. You just have to put your effort at the right time. Rather you can also download the Dungeon Hunter 5 MOD APK from our platform, if you love action games

Your timing is the most crucial part of the game. There are hundreds of different strikes and combos in the game. All these combos vary from player to player.

Graphics & Sounds:

The sound of players just sounds like they are the real characters. This is the beauty that EA sports bring in their games. You just feel like you are playing with them in real life,

The graphics are fully HD in quality. The finishing of every character is just perfect. They are given a pure human-like look. These characters don’t seem like cartoon characters at all.

Details of UFC MOD APK

PublisherElectronic Arts
GenreSports Games
Size998 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Gold

Features of UFC MOD APK

Following are some features of the Ufc mobile mod apk

Feel The Fight:

The fight is the game gives a feeling of a real-life game. It is so realistic that at one point you think that you are fighting in the ring. The graphics and sound effects in combo make the game a real-life story.

Feel The Fight EA UFC MOD APK

Whenever I play this game, I just let myself take the full feel. When someone strikes my fighter, it gives me a lot of pain. But whenever I hit another fighter, The pride just takes me away.

Train Your Ultimate Fighter:

You choose a player at the start of your fights. Later on, when you develop your players, you can also unlock many more players for you. About 70+ fighters are available in the game. These fighters include both from the past and the latest playing ones.

  • BJ Penn
  • Royce Gracie
  • Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
  • Dominick Cruz
  • Max Holloway
  • Junior dos Santos
  • Frankie Edgar
  • Henry Cejudo
  • Michael Bisping
  • Kamaru Usman
  • Randy Couture
  • Alistair Overeem
  • Dan Henderson
  • Matt Hughes
  • Chuck Liddell
  • Conor McGregor
  • José Aldo
  • Amanda Nunes
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • Demetrious Johnson
  • Daniel Cormier
  • Stipe Miocic
  • Georges St-Pierre
  • Jon Jones
  • Anderson Silva

Play Live Events:

You can participate in multiple live events and tournaments going on in the game and build a reputation. This reputation will help you out not only in the game but also in real life. The people will start knowing you. You may become an icon for many of the youngsters who are new in the game.

This will not only give you fame but you can earn money as well. You can become some sort of brand ambassador. Other than that, you can make tutorials of Ufc fights on YouTube and make money.

Earn Exclusive Rewards

There are lots of interesting minigames like puzzles and other games which you can play to earn gold. This gold is very helpful for you.

You can make purchases for your hero or unlock multiple things in the game.

Fight Your Way to Glory

Your fight is your way to glory. Fame will not just be a word for you. Maybe you will be one of the leading players in E-sports.

By winning the championships you will have a unique name in the world of ufc.

Realistic Graphics:

The realistic graphics are such a huge blessing. It just gives you a feeling of love. The emotions on the face of players look damn real.

When you hit a player, they express themselves like a real-life character. The anger on the face of the characters is also just hard to explain.

Make Yourself Sharpen in Real-Life:

By playing the UFC mod apk, you also become sharp in your real life. The moves you see in the game can also be practiced in real life. This can help you to pursue your carrier in ufc. This may also teach you self-defense. In times of danger, you can protect yourself from bad people.

Good News:

The good news is for Ufc lovers is that now there is a new season in the market and you can play that too. It includes new characters and graphics.

For Wrestlers:

People who are wrestling lovers will also enjoy this game. As ufc is a combination of boxing and wrestling at the same time. The players of wrestling are also included in the game.

Career Modes of UFM MOD APK:

Through carrier mode, you can train your player. You can learn different combos and moves to make your player an advanced player.

Best for Kids:

For young kids, this game is best. At a young age, the kids have warm blood and they are always in an aggressive mood. This can lead them to negative activities.

Best Kids Fighting Game UFC MOD APK

To divert their attention to a positive thing, EA sports ufc can play a huge role.

They can not only realize their stress through it but also learn many things.

Customization of Players:

You can customize the dress, clothes, make, and everything of your player. The customization is so deep that you can also change the hairstyle and hair color of the hero you want. You can also purchase your favorite outfits for your character. If you love racing games and adventures download Bike Mayhem MOD.

Modifications in UFC MOD APK

Following are some modifications done in the Ufc mobile hack.

Unlimited Money:

If you want to purchase anything in the game then you have to spend money. But this can cost you a lot of money. But not in the case of people who download the game from apkgurru.com.

We will provide you unlimited money in the game so that you can buy anything you want free of cost.

Unlimited Resources for Training:

The sources available for training in the game are limited if you play with the original version. But with the UFC mod apk, you will find that all the training resources for the development of players are unlocked.

So, you just download and enjoy the game.

Unlocked Shop Menu:

There is a shop menu in the game which is locked at the beginning of the game. But if the mobile hack has this feature unlocked so you can purchase anything you want with unlimited money.

Ads Free:

In the original version, you may be interrupted by ads which is quite an irritating thing. But we have removed all the ads for you. So that you can enjoy the full spirit of the game.

Free to Play:

The UfC mod is free of cost to play as compared to the original version.

Minimum Requirements for EA Sports UFC MOD APK

  • Minimum Android 5 or up
  • 3GB storage required to install the game
  • 2GB Ram is required to play

How to download UFC APK MOD:

  • make sure you have a fast internet connection.
  • Simply click the ” download”
  • Scroll down the page to find the ” download button”
  • The download will start in no time.

How to Install UFC MOD APK on Android:

  • After downloading the file enable the 3rd party installation. For this
  • Go to the setting of your mobile.
  • click on “additional setting”
  • Then select the “privacy menu”
  • Then you see the “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option
  • Then enable it.
  • Now after enabling it open the download file.
  • Now click the install option
  • You have to wait for the app to install
  • Now click open and enjoy the game.

How to Install UFC Mobile MOD APK on PC:

  •  Install any android emulator-like blue stack on your pc.
  • After installing the emulator Run the emulator.
  • Find the download file of the game and drag it into the emulator to install.
  • wait for the game to install.
  • Open and enjoy the game.

Permissions Required:

  • Allow SD card storage
  • requires microphone permission to record audio.
  • It needs access to your gallery photos and videos.
  • The app may also ask for access to your mobile camera

Pros and Cons of UFC MOD APK


  • Unlimited gold/silver
  • All players unlocked
  • All championships unlocked
  • Shop menu  unlocked


  • The third-party application may demand some access to your gallery and media.
  • May contain malware sometimes

Reviews of UFC Download Fights:


UFC mod pk was a fun game. After all this time, there were still bugs. The fight action isn’t as slick as it was in UFC mobile 1, but it’s still good. It will hopefully improve, and it would be wonderful to have gold quantity and energy presented on the proper displays. Making progress is quite addictive. I’ve squandered a lot of time and money playing. If the problems and other issues are fixed, I’d give it a five-star rating.

Michael Harmon

UFC mod apk is an incredible game in every aspect. I’m a UFC fan, and this game brings everything to life. The visuals are realistic, and if you have a phone capable of running it to its full potential, you should play it. I’m playing on a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra, and the game works smoothly on it, plus there’s no need to pay to win! You can spend money on the game, but you don’t have to. I’ve been playing it for a while and have already unlocked seven characters for 99 cents, but that was my option. If you’re searching for a great UFC fighting game, this is it.

kirk 17

UFC mod apk game is fantastic since I can feel the force of each punch or kick that I or my opponent delivers. But I’d want to see Bruce Lee as a selectable character; he’d be entertaining. He’s also a mainstay in UFC 3 on consoles, so adding him in this game might help draw in more gamers.

Dj Young

I’m already a UFC apk fan, so having the opportunity to choose from a variety of competitors in various weight classes is fantastic. It’s almost as if you’re witnessing a real battle, only you have complete control over your favorite combatants.

Mr Scribbles

The menu and everything are easy to reach; it’s only that some warriors with their insane overalls make no sense. It’s also bothersome that you can’t restart missions or access the menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Unlimited Money/Gems in it?

You can download the game from apkgurru.com to get unlimited money or gold in the game.


Yes, it was scanned with our antimalware software and it gives 100% secure results. So, it is more than safe.

How many levels are in UFC Mobile?

There are about more than 1000+ levels of the game which means it is never-ending the game.

Is UFC Mobile Free?

Download and install the game from our link and it is completely free.

Can I consume my boost?

Yes, you can consume your boost during the fight in ufc mod.

How can I earn rewards and coins?

You can participate in minigames to earn free coins and gold.

Is ufc apk my type of game?

If you are a fighting game lover and enjoy beating and killing your enemies then the UFC mod apk is surely your type of game.


This is all about EA Sports UFC MOD APK, hope that it will be beneficial for you. We provide all latest games and apps if you’re interested in any game let us know we will add. Download and enjoy the sports game, if you have any query related to this game let us know in comments in below. Thank You

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